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Windows 7 Loader DAZ v2.2.2


How To Get Your Windows 7 Activated

Hey everybody! I am IT technician and consultant so from people i usually receive the questions like: “How to activate my windows 7?” or “What to do if i don’t have license key anymore etc.?”. So now i decided to make this page to explain you all the details regarding windows 7 activation.. I will explain all the reasons you should or shouldn’t use various tools to activate your windows systems.. And all the ways legit and probably not so legit to get your windows 7 license key. Everything i will write in this article is only for educational purposes only.

So first things first.. Most common question: If it is possible to activate my windows 7 if i don’t have license key (lost it, never had  it etc.) ?

The answer to all these questions is YES! You can activate any Windows 7 version one way or another! It depends on you what you choose.


Basics of the activation

Windows 7 license is required during installation or post installation. Windows gives you 30 days trial to activate your system. These are the basic ways to get your windows license or extend the free trial. To check your activation status click with second mouse button on my computer and select properties. There you should find if your computer is licensed on not. As you can see in picture it is activated windows version.

Activated Windows 7

We will list from most pricey  options to a free ones:

  • Buy Original License from your local or microsoft store also this way is most most pricey. Just head up to the nearest store and select windows version you like.
  • Also you could buy refurbished pc’s with windows 7 already installed and licensed. This way you could get old cheap pc and use this key on your new pc and resell the pc. The disadvantage is that it is time consuming.
  • Then you buy new pc buy it with windows. When you are buying a  new laptop or pc you can buy them with already installed windows operating system this way you spend a little more but you have a legit copy of windows too.
  • If you are using windows 8 or bought a pc  with it you can downgrade to windows 7
  • Use MBR Regenerator to always reset to 30 days trial.
  • You also can use application like windows 7 activator. I prefer using app called windows 7 loader by DAZ team. Video on how to use windows loader you will find below.

So i hope i helped you activating your windows if not or have any questions feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below and i will try to answer it ASAP.





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