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Windows 7 Loader DAZ v2.2.2
Windows 7 Loader DAZ v2.2.2


Activate Your Windows 7 With DAZ Loader

So i usually got questions like: “how to activate my Windows 7 if i don’t have license key anymore etc.?” And now i made this page to explain you all the details regarding windows activation.

So first things first.. Questions:

If it is possible to activate my windows 7 if i don’t have license key (lost it, never had  it etc.) ?

The answer to all these questions is YES! You can activate any Windows 7 version! (except some rare windows 7 modified versions.. one in a million.. )  

How to activate windows and What Tools Do  I Need?

You need DAZ Loader you can Download it HERE

And if you have problems with Activation probably you will need MBR Regenerator Download HERE.


Here Is The Video How To Activate Your Windows 7 PC’s




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