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My first article is written to tell you a little story.. 


If you’re like me, you’re not a huge fan of Windows 8 or 10. I understand that there’s a lot of advantages to those two operating systems, and they have their fans. I’m not exactly a hater, I just prefer Windows 7. A large part of this is because I do most of my work on a laptop. I’m a mobile professional you see hunched over his screen in coffee shops and restaurants, since I have no physical office that I consider my normal or permanent workspace.

Windows 7 appeals to me more than 8 or 10, primarily because it is stable, lean, and devoid of extraneous bells and whistles. I have found this particular OS to be very stable, and the amount of drivers and patches is obviously pretty sound given the age of the system. The last time I needed a new laptop, I looked for one that had Windows 7 and was a little disheartened to see that the available offerings were shrinking rapidly. It was mostly refurbs, which I am okay with, but I do prefer new laptops  (if you have no option you can use DAZ tool to activate your windows 7 systems).


Critical error

Still, I ordered one, and was very happy with it for a little while. It actually lasted over a year, even though the warranty was only for six months. I got great value out of it for what I paid, but eventually the hard drive did conk out. I put in a replacement and tried to reinstall the OS, but I discovered that I no longer had my Windows 7 product key.

I had saved it with the box that the laptop had come in originally, which I was going to reuse if I ever needed to ship the laptop or pack it during moving. Unfortunately, that box and all the documentation inside had disappeared on me.

Searching for suspects

At first I suspected my kids, because when things go magically vanishing in my home, it’s usually them. However, in this case, it turned out to be my husband. I had been nagging him to help out with cleaning clutter in the house, and when he found an empty box, he just assumed it was trash and threw it out.

I wasn’t too mad. I hadn’t told him what was in it, but I was able to coax him into buying me my own copy of Windows 7. Now I can install it on any computer I own, and I’ve made sure that I’ll never lose the Windows 7 product key for this copy. The actual product key is sitting in my safe, and I’ve got copies in my safety deposit box at the bank, an email folder, and in my online backup storage.


I’ll eventually move up to a higher version of Windows, as I know Microsoft won’t support 7 forever, but for now, I get to enjoy my own copy on any laptop, new or used, and I will never again lose my Windows 7 product key, or at least all of them.

So that’s it for this time.. Till next one..